The heart of any academic institution is its administration and faculty. Patten Academy is characterized by staff members who are known for their pursuit of academic excellence, their understanding of the individual student, and their desire to help develop the whole person—body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Many of the staff members reside on or near the campus and are an integral part of the school community.

Relatively small classes make it possible for Patten Academy’s staff members to work on an individual basis with the students. The faculty are active participants in the learning process by contributing their own sense of values, attitudes, moral examples, and their philosophies of life in the light of God’s Word.

Patten Academy’s administration and full and part time faculty members are dedicated to personal professional development and attainment of higher level degrees to better equip themselves in providing quality, innovative instruction to their students. Three have Ph.D’s, two have both credentials and master’s degrees, four have master’s degrees, and four hold bachelor’s degrees with credentials in progress.


Dr. Sharon Anderson


Mrs. Edna Marquez

Administration Assistance/ Billing

Mr. Joshua Mata

Operations Coordinator


Ms. Grace Johnson

Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Lorretta Smith-Kelley

1st Grade Teacher

Ms. Rosia Scott-Horne

2nd/3rd Grade Teacher

Ms. Shirley Ford

4th/5th Grade Teacher

Middle School

Mrs. Gladys Carlson

6th-7th Grade

Mrs. Yvette Aguilar

6th-8th Grade

High School

Mrs. Sharon Moncher

English Teacher and Coordinator

Mr. Thomas Moncher

Mathematics Teacher

Dr. Bill Harrington

Music Director 3rd-12th Grade
Fine Arts

Dr. Abraham Ruelas

6th – 12th Grade