CECA Board of Directors

Patten Academy of Christian Education (PACE) is led by a group of the most esteemed and qualified educators in the nation. This set of leadership makes Patten Academy one of the best private Christian schools within the Bay Area of California. The Executive Committee is a committee of action tasked by the Christian Evangelical Churches of America (CECA) to make recommendations and decisions regarding the operation and management of the Academy.

CECA Board

  • Dr. Tobey Montgomery, Chair
  • Dr. Gary Moncher, President
  • Dr. Rebecca Skaggs, Vice President
  • Dr. William Harrington, Secretary
  • Dr. Sharon Anderson, Principal
  • Rev. Wortham Fears
  • Mr. Larry Walker, Sr.
  • Mr. Richard Swanson
  • Mr. Wesley Barta
  • Mrs. Anna Pyle
  • Mr. Jack Shane
  • Mr. Paul Sowell

This committee working closely together is actively involved in matters of school development, marketing, policies, budgets, curriculum and materials, personnel and public relations.


As the K-12 expression of the educational mission of the Christian Evangelical Churches of America (CECA) and under the supervision of the Patten Educational Foundation (PEF), Patten Academy of Christian Education (PACE) seeks to empower students to transform their world through rigorous academic training and an expressly Biblical worldview.